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part of Nolek Group

Nolek acquired all shares in May 2016

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Kontrollautomatik develop and manufacture equipment for pressure testing, leak testing and leak finding.

We offer everything from advanced leak testing instruments to leak finders, specialized fixtures and machines, both manual and fully automated.

Quick connectors for industrial applications and gas vehicles, from WEH GmbH, are also a part of our product range. We have solutions for engine components, medical applications and general industry.

Kontrollautomatik is a global supplier with more than 25 years of experience and hundreds of delivered equipment worldwide.

Your partner in the strive for higher quality.

We are since the 1st of May 2016 part of nolek.


We know our customers need for high availability and performance when …

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Low Volume Testing

Low volume testing is sometimes necessary when making prototypes or …

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Training of operators and other relevant disciplines are always available …

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Kontrollautomatik delivers standard as well as custom equipment for …

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Kontrollautomatik supplies everything from simple fixtures to …

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Leak Test Instruments

Kontrollautomatik have developed a new platform; deFlux, for the next …

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Leak finding

Kontrollautomatik offer its customers instruments and equipment which …

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In leak testing it is imperative that the object to be tested is sealed in an …

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