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Who are we

Kontrollautomatik have worked with pressure testing, leak testing and leak finding since the company was founded in 1986. Initially the market focus was the Nordic countries but in the recent years we have expanded the market from the US in the west to Japan in the east. Our strengths are and shall continue to be high quality products and a close long term relationship with our customers.

With these focuses we know that we can offer solutions that surpass the customer expectations, in the right time to the right price.


Our offer

Kontrollautomatik develop, manufacture and sell leak test instruments and leak test machines. We own our technology ourselves which allows us to tailor the solutions to our customer specific needs. Our business concept is to be an integral part of our customer development cycle and deliver products and services in pressure testing, leak testing and leak finding.


This will be accomplished by

Being thorough in our analysis of our customer needs

Thinking openly and freely when recommending measurement method

Seeing the possible, not the impossible in each endeavor

Being efficient in our production and have short lead times

Always think, act and follow up with quality as our driving force

Pressure testing is a way of stress testing a product. The product is pressurized with air or other media to control the structural integrity. This type of test is always surrounded by thorough security measures.

Leak testing is performed with air or tracer gases to ensure that the test piece is not affected by the test. The goal is to measure the leak rate in or out of the component or product. Leakages can occur due to cracks or pores in the material. The test is performed against a product specification often seen on drawings, which states an allowed leak limit at a given pressure and temperature.

Leak finding aims to locate the leak in the product. It is not a method to determine the size of the leak. Methods range from pressurizing components under water and detecting bubbles to probes that detect tracer gases escaping the product.


Why leak test?

Leak test aims to reduce or eliminate leakages in the finished product. Products can be everything from engine components to complete heavy duty diesel engines. The main goal in leak testing is to avoid costly repairs due to leakages. Other benefits are lowered environmental impact, higher performance and longer life time of products.


Our ambition

We want our customers to notice a difference between us and other suppliers. This will be achieved through a professional and personal contact between us and our customers.

Our quality policy states:

“Kontrollautomatik shall deliver solutions and systems that surpasses the customer expectations with regards to functionality, accuracy and dependability.

Our customers shall receive a competence driven support from our employees in the use of our products.”

To achieve this, all activities at Kontrollautomatik shall be inspired by

A close customer relationship

A dedication to the customer, regardless of function at Kontrollautomatik.

A flat and efficient organization which focuses on interdisciplinary cooperation.

A positive frame of mind in all employees and a drive to improve our products, routines and processes.

In all endeavors, keep the “zero faults” principle.

Your partner in the strive for higher quality.