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Leak Finding

Kontrollautomatik offer its customers instruments and equipment which purpose is to check if a product is leak proof compared to a demand on for example the product drawing.

We have a close companionship with the company Inficon AB (formerly Sensitor AB) in Linköping, who is one of the largest actors on the market for leak finding. Inficon AB is a company with unique skills and competence in the field of leak finding using tracer gases such as helium and hydrogen.

Diluted hydrogen as a tracer gas (5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen) can be used for leak finding and for leak testing. To find leaks you fill the product with tracer gas and use a hand probe, connected to a detector, to localize the leak. The detector signals with sound with increasing frequency the closer you get to the leak.

To know that a product leaks is one thing, knowing where it leaks is something else. Kontrollautomatik has delivered numerous equipments with specially adapted fixtures, tracer gas fillers and detectors. These allow for very cost effective and secure leak finding for our customers.


Hydrogen gas has some unique properties which makes it ideal as a tracer gas in leak seeking

Lightest of all the molecules which makes it spread fast thought the test object

Low natural occurrence in air (0.5 ppm)

Environmentally friendly and is renewable

Lowest cost of all tracer gases

Non flammable in the concentration used for leak seeking (5% hydrogen 95% nitrogen)

Non toxic or harmful for the operator or the environment

Non corrosive

Approved as an additive to foodstuffs


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Leak finding

Kontrollautomatik offer its customers instruments and equipment which …

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